Our Story

Elijah Data Security LLC began as an outgrowth of the parent company Elijah providing digital forensics and incident response services to law firms and their clients. After the storm calmed from each data breach incident, our clients routinely asked what they could have done differently to better protect themselves.

Elijah Data Security was formed to assist clients in meeting both proactive and reactive cybersecurity challenges. Proactive offerings include cybersecurity managed services, vulnerability assessment, and penetration testing to help clients reduce cybersecurity risks before an incident occurs.

Elijah Data Security also assists law firms and their clients with cybersecurity M&A due diligence, helping evaluate cybersecurity risks inherent in proceeding with a merger or acquisition. Elijah Data Security continues to provide reactive incident response services, helping clients respond when systems potentially have been breached.

No Case is Too Big or Too Small

Elijah Data Security focuses on providing security solutions to small and mid-sized businesses but can also draw upon a large network of resources for matters of significant scale. When providing support on large scale cybersecurity and data privacy litigation matters, our digital forensic and e-discovery solutions deliver the highest level of responsiveness and expertise.

Many people think cybersecurity issues only affect large companies, or that such solutions are unaffordable for small organizations, however nothing could be further from the truth. Investing in cybersecurity for your business can be very affordable, all the while delivering a return on investment that promotes business growth and a healthy bottom line.

Our Executive Team

Corey Douglas
Chief Executive Officer

Andy Reisman

Rick Weber

Jon Isenberg
Chief Technology Officer

CShemique Lindo
VP, Client Services

Gary Schnepp
VP, Cyber Operations

Steven Sanabria, ENCE GCFE
VP, Incident Response